New Year Update

Our new year has been overwhelming! Overwhelming with the downs and the ups! 

On the down side...Early in the morning on January 10, we lost a very dear friend to cancer. One of our team has spent a good chunk of the last 6 months attending to his needs and was with him at his hour of passing. Since the funeral, that team member has been busy helping the family and friends with various projects. We're very supportive and proud of his dedication to his friend's family and friends.

The day after our friend died from brain cancer, the world lost an amazing artist, David Bowie. Again, another victim of cancer. A few days later, the wonderful actor Alan Rickman died from pancreatic cancer.  I've always hated cancer, but the start of this year has made me realize that hatred even more.

As a side note...We'd be happy to volunteer our services to any organization dedicated to fighting cancer or helping those with the disease. If you are with or know of one of these organizations in need of design work, please CONTACT US!

On the up side...We've been fairly busy. We've helped out a few return clients with branding solutions. We've been happy to assist a few non-profits by doing work on their promotional materials. We've also had the pleasure of meeting with some local businesses through Indiana Originals, and discovering some wonderful new Indiana products and services.