Je Suis Charlie (I Am Charlie) ...But I Am Not

What happened in Paris yesterday is horrid, appalling and despicable. The thought that a creatives, such as the talented satirists, writers, illustrators and cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo would be (and were) gunned down in cold blood by religious extremists send shivers through my spine.

It would be considered unprofessional of us, as a small, independent design and photography studio to publicly express our opinions about politics and religion. Although some of our views are known via our public and social media presence, it is personal opinion that we keep out of our profession. think that doing what you love, could lead to such horrific circumstances (and your ultimate demise) is quite unsettling.

We do not do what the courageous creatives of Charlie Hebdo do (and did). For professional reasons, we do not exercise our freedom of speech, but respect and defend the rights of others to do so and thus by stating "Je suis Charlie", we do so out of respect and in solidarity, but by no means compare ourselves to the courageous creatives of Charlie Hebdo...may they rest in peace.

In Memoriam...