Sunrise Time Lapse

"Sunrise" is a time-lapse piece we did using an old GoPro to highlight Greenwood's Old Town area. The sun rises to reveal a row of beautiful, historic buildings as cars, trucks and buses course though the intersection of Madison and Main.

Time lapse of Old Town Greenwood, Indiana, comprised of over 7,000 images taken with a GoPro camera from 6:50 AM to 8:10 AM on Tuesday, September 22, 2015. Time lapse ©2015 Rolling Rook Studio Music via YouTube.

Catskill Country Store (An Unintentional Photo Shoot)

While visiting Catskill, NY over the weekend, I came upon the lovely Catskill Country Store, full of local produce, cheeses, coffee and bread. Carol Wilkinson, the proprietor, caught me shooting photographs and inquired about my hobby. I showed her a few that I had just snapped and she was absolutely delighted, so I ended up shooting her shop for her so that she could have photos to use.