The Adobe Love Affair is Over

We're Developing an Affinity for Affinity

I've been using Adobe software for nearly 2 decades now. I've designed almost everything I've done in Illustrator for the past 5 years. This year, however, will be different.

I was going to renew the studio membership to the Creative Cloud this year, when I realized that last year's subscription was purchased at a discounted deal (about 40% off the regular price). I spoke with Adobe in a chat session online and someone offered me an even better deal, but when I went to speak to Adobe over the phone, they said it wasn't true. I then told them that I'd have to think about it.

We're a small business, just like a majority of the clients we serve. We break even (when we're lucky), but have high hopes and aspirations to do much more. We take pride in serving our customers, seeing them happy and spending what money we do make in the local community.

When a HUGE company like Adobe, (whose software hasn't even really changed that much in the past decade), wants to raise your annual rates, that's a major catalyst to start looking elsewhere...and we did.


Rolling Rook Studio has decided on a change this year, and we're sure that most of our clients won't even notice. We're breaking free of the "industry standard"! As of June 2015 we will be designing exclusively using Affinity Designer software... and you probably won't even notice! 

We're going to provide our clients with the same, beautiful designs and the same types of files we've always provided. It will just be a new adventure, and small learning curve for our staff.

That said...We look forward to creating new and exciting designs for you this year!