I can't believe how busy Rolling Rook Studio has been lately! Mainly it has been working with repeat business from some of our most favorite customers.

Two different tech companies have been tossing some awesome projects our way and we are discovering that we're certainly not as geeky as we once thought we were, but it's all good!


Rolling Rook Studio's services may be broadening into other areas soon. We've begun offering form design and development services. We're now creating pdf forms (from scratch or based on our client's existing forms). With the addition of some basic calculations and formulas, we are able to provide "smart forms" that are helpful not only to our clients, but also to their customers.


Other services that may be coming soon are limited web services such as Flash advertisements, buttons, animations as well as customized email templates.

I couldn't be more happy with the way things are working out. We just keep on ROLLIN'!