Years without Adobe

It has literally been years since Rolling Rook Studio did any work for a client using an Adobe product. We really don’t miss it. It has been very liberating not having to rely on the cloud or renew a software subscription every year.

Not all designers can pull it off though. It’s pretty easy for us, since we primarily do logo, publication and illustration work. We don’t do websites or 3D graphics (we’ll leave those for the young whippersnappers), so we don’t really need Adobe. Our work is provided to our clients and their printers/promotional products companies via digital files. We provide PDFs (vector, when able) and PNGs (lossless) files for the web.

It’s nice to actually own the software for a one-time fee of less than $50 (each), and not spend $400-$1200/year just to rent it. Sure, you get things like the cloud with Adobe, but try and convince a busy client to go look at work on the Adobe’s Cloud. Most of the time, they would rather you just email them small files. Let’s face it, it’s just much quicker than opening an email, clicking a link and waiting for your browser to open a website.

….and aren’t we all, just a little lazy?