Logos: Do We Take Them Too Seriously?

Kreativa's 'The Chef’ is worried that companies might be spending too much on logos. We interviewed Rolling Rook Studio to get some answers.
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In this interview I'm asked about my thoughts on the pricing of logos. Examples are given of how Starbucks paid "next to nothing" for their logo and Pepsi paid a million. Neither would surprise me. Although I've found when it is said that a company has paid "nothing" for their design, it usually ends up being a partner or employee who has come up with it as part of the company's initial branding process. It is typically "click bait" which often ends up discrediting and cheapening the design profession.

When I read the question about Starbucks, I just had a hard time believing that they didn't pay a thing for their logo design, so I tracked down the original designer, Terry Heckler and sent him a message (accidentally addressing him as "Tom" in my email 😟). I simply asked him to "say it ain't so"....and he did.

While the company that got paid a million for Pepsi's logo went under, Heckler Associates continues to work with Starbucks as well as many other notable clients. Coincidence? Probably.

I'm always an advocate for my profession...I have to be. So read the article and feel free to start a discussion below.