Musical Inspiration

I was recently asked to produce an illustrative piece for Nashville recording artist, Cole Washburn's song "The Widow". After a bit of discussion with his manager, we settled on my creative idea of depicting a widow in traditional mourning dress with a military cemetery behind her. The result is as follows (and I look forward to seeing it wherever it may end up).

  Cole Washburn 's "The Widow"

Cole Washburn's "The Widow"

This creative endeavor got me thinking about my personal past and how much art I've produced for, or about music. Music has always been a great inspiration to me and I listen to it all day while I work.

The following images are ghosts of my past...designs, drawing and paintings that were all inspired by music. Enjoy!

"Coltrane", Black and White Oil on Canvas 1990 - SOLD Mosadi's Art Gallery, Taos, NM $2,000.00

"George Benson", Black and White Oil on Canvas 1993 (Stolen by my agent at the time. Haven't seen it since. He's probably dead by now.)

"Quiet!", Black and White, Oil on Canvas 1990

 "Saxman", Oil on Canvas 1990   - SOLD Mosadi's Art Gallery, Taos, NM $1,700.00

"Saxman", Oil on Canvas 1990  - SOLD Mosadi's Art Gallery, Taos, NM $1,700.00

"The Pharez Whitted Trio" at the Chatterbox, Indianapolis (Late 1980s) Live Pencil Drawing

"Bass" Pencil Drawing 1995

Baritone Saxophone Player, "Malcolm" at Lindens in Ft. Collins, CO 1991 - Pencil Drawing

"Ratzo's Bass" Pen and Ink Stipple Drawing, 1988-89

"Business Card for Jazz Bassist Ratzo B. Harris", pen and ink, typesetting (by hand), 1989 (Yes, back before computers!)

  Charlotte Music School , Logo Design 2014

Charlotte Music School, Logo Design 2014

"Straight Ahead" with Dan Baraszu & Randy Honea jazz CD cover on Blue Canoe Records.