Great Apps for 2017

Before we slip into 2017, I thought I'd share some great apps I think you'll find useful for 2017. Some of these apps I've been using for years, like mSecure, Living Earth, and Tyme (2) and some I've just discovered.  So here's my list of apps, complete with my brief take on them and a link to their websites.

Personal Favs (Mac and iPhone)

Strava - iOS - (fitness and social app for athletes)
I use Strava to track my bicycle rides in the summer and I sync indoor rides to it in the winter.

Epic Ride - iOS - (weather on your bike route map)
I just discovered this app via the guys at GCN. It's rather amazing and I do have the paid version which allows you to take one of your rides from Strava, pick a date and time you'd like to start the ride and find out what the weather will be for various points along the ride. I'll be using it a lot more when it gets warmer!

Fitbit with Power Sync for Health  - iOS - & (would NOT recommend the Auto Sync in-app purchase...does not work)
I own a Fitbit wearable, and I hate it. I'm saving up to go back to Garmin. Fitbit might be great if all you do is walk, sleep and eat, but it isn't very supportive of cyclists and the other types of data they crave.  Auto Sync is an app that puts your Fitbit date into your Health App because, for some reason Apple must hate Fitbit, (I know how they feel).

Streaks - iOS - (keep your life on task)
Streaks is a great little app to keep your life on task. You can put up to 6 tasks into it. I have water, play ukulele, meditation, eat a healthy meal, exercise and situps in mine. It reminds me to do all of them for whatever set interval I have.

Day One (and Day One Classic) - iOS and macOS - (journaling app)
I was an early adapter when it came to Day One. I was using it before it got big and became real popular. I quit using it for a few years, but now I'm giving it a shot again.

Insight Timer  - iOS - (meditation)
Insight Timer is an app for meditating. You can listen to a variety of free guided meditations or simply create your own. I try to meditate 3 times a week.

Chronicle - macOS - (Bill Management)
I had Chronicle a long time ago, and was going through my apps and decided to give it a shot again. It's a great way to keep up on bills!

Wunderlist - iOS - (shared lists - primarily use this for a household grocery list)
I read rave reviews of Wunderlist and decided to try it for myself. It has become our goto app for the household grocery list. I also use it for special lists like when I'm going on a trip or going camping.

Living Earth - iOS - (weather app)
I've been using Living Earth for years and I love it! It gives me just the right weather in a beautiful visual representation and I can add many cities to keep track of what the weather is like where I'm going or just where my friends around the world live.

Business Favs (Mac and iPhone)

Postbox - macOS -  (email)
I like this email app because I can organize and visualize mail in ways I can not with Apple's Email app.

Evernote - iOS and macOS - (project management)
I use Evernote for project management, notes and reminders. I practically run my entire business with it and Thyme 2.

Tyme 2 - iOS and macOS - (freelance time tracking)
Tyme has evolved quite nicely over the years I've been using it. I track the time I work on client projects and even on pro bono work with it. I use it to do my billing and create by invoices through the PayPal website.

Moleskine Journal - iOS - (journal, notes, sketches)
I haven't used this that much, although I'm a HUGE fan of the actual sketchbooks that I have lying around all over my studio!

Dropbox - iOS and macOS - (file sharing)
I use this to share files between my computer and my iPhone mainly, but also upload files for clients and friends.

CloudApp - iOS and macOS - (screen capture and share made simple, with visual search)
I just found out about CloudApp. I'm a little disappointed that the mobile app isn't free, but we'll see how it goes. I may have to keep Dropbox just to swap files between my computer and my iPhone.

Annotate - iOS and macOS - (a little app I use to do screenshots and sometimes annotate them, the company now makes CloudApp)
I've been using this for years so that I can share what I am working on with my clients via email and texts. It's a great and very useful little app!

Astropad - iOS and macOS - (draw on my Mac)
I sometimes use Astropad (with Pencil by 53) to sketch things out on my MacBook Pro using my iPhone. It's a pretty amazing app that turns your iPhone into a sketch tablet.

Paper - iOS - (notes, sketching - paper and pencil by 53)
Paper is a companion app to Pencil. It's a beautiful little app for sketching, journaling, etc.

mSecure - iOS and macOS - (password manager)
I've been usingmSecure for YEARS! It is my go to password management tool that syncs between all my devices...even my old Google tablet!

Buffer - iOS and website - (scheduling tool for social media)
I use Buffer to schedule social media posts for all of my business accounts online. It's simple and easy to use and makes social media a little less of a pain.

Affinity Designer and Photo - macOS - (graphic design, photography and illustration apps)  -
For the past 2 years I've done almost all my design work using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Both apps are fantastic and affordable and I don't have to deal with cloud issues, expensive upgrades, etc. Their support is more than excellent and no one seems to know any different.