Where My Clients Are

When I logged into PayPal the other day, it forced me into the new user interface that I had been avoiding for so long. (I'll never understand why we must keep "dumbing down" things so much... and I see a huge difference between EASY and ridiculously stupid.)

Anyway, the new interface had this little feature to let you see where your clients were on a world map, except it didn't REALLY. All it showed me was a map of the entire USA filled in GREEN. (Even though I've done business in the UK and Canada.)  It didn't pinpoint cities, or even states. It was simply the entire USA.  I thought about how pointless that was for about 2 seconds before I decided to make my own map. 

 Pin positions are approximate, based on the addresses that PayPal uses.

Yes, it's true, I do a lot of business in Texas. I assume, because of oil, (and cheap labor), it is one of the few places in the US where the economy is actually growing. I also believe that, for the lack of jobs, many people have decided to create their own.