Why We Use PayPal

With very few exceptions, Rolling Rook Studio, accepts all of our client's payments via PayPal. We have a PayPal business account and have always been very happy with their service. But...we don't use them just because it is convenient for us. We do it to protect our clients.

PayPal is really part of our service. We provide our clients with professional services, professional invoices, and easy transactions, but that's not all. Our clients are protected by PayPal. PayPal offers our clients Purchase Protection. That means that they protect the financial information of our clients and if anything goes wrong with our service, our clients are covered! PayPal will investigate any fraudulent transactions, and if they are deemed covered by Purchase Protection, they will fully reimburse the client. 

It would be a major tragedy if this ever happened on our end. Not because we would loose money, but, it would most likely mean that our studio and all of our staff were destroyed and that no one could send you the files that you just finished paying the final invoice for. Hopefully, that never happens, but if it did, PayPal has you covered.

PayPal also offers us a very important service called Seller Protection. This protection includes protecting our sales, financial information, encrypting our transactions, protecting us against fraud, and the ability to make global transactions (as we do have clients in Canada, the United Kingdom and South America). Best of all, PayPal offers dispute resolution. 

Only once has Rolling Rook Studio ever had to use PayPal's dispute resolution. Still, to this day, we have no idea what happened. (The client never hinted at being dissatisfied with our service and they were sent the final files for their project.)  But, because we meticulously document EVERYTHING...we won and payment was awarded and released to us.

PayPal isn't just for eBay. It comes in handy for all types of secure, online purchases and donations. With the PayPal debit card, you can also shop just about anywhere. You can even get cash back! (Which is one of the ways that we keep the prices for our services at a reasonable rate.)

No, we're not getting paid by PayPal to write this blog entry (we wish), but it is a service we have been using for a very long time and highly recommend.